1st Call Plumbing and Drain Cleaning replaced kitchen bathroom and laundry room drain piping under house. Member Comments:

Doug, the plumber came out Friday evening and said he could do the job a Monday they called back Saturday evening to say he could come Sunday which was great as I was without water. He was extremely reasonable in price, worked fast was very honest and considerate with all that I was going through. I have given his card to my state farm agent and to family and friends. I would recommend him to anyone, try him and you will not be sorry.

Cornelia T

1st Call Plumbing is amazing. We’ve called Doug on several occasions to do work for us at our home in Hillsboro and we are always more than pleased! From the initial call with scheduling, to the work & the billing , Doug & his Wife Lainie run a very nice business with competitive & fair rates. 1st call is always first in amazing customer service.

Our last adventure was to repair & replace a portion of our old galvanized piping in our 60 year old home under our bath tub and installing a new drain. Doug & his assistant came, fixed it all in a few hours and we’ve been so happy! We’ll continue to use them and recommend them to friends & family. If you have plumbing needs, please do give 1st Call Plumbing a ring … you’ll be glad you did! I just can't say how much I love your business and how good you've been to us! Thank you!

- Dori R.

Bathroom Remodels for Justin & Kathie Marcoe

Doug and Lainie Shinn were very helpful in working with us, making a list of what we needed for the remodels and they went shopping with us making sure we picked the right products.They kept us informed as to what was going on. If there was a problem they would discuss the problem with us and then we would come up with a solution even if it meant redoing it all over again.

Overall the Plumbing and the Contracting was handled very professionally. They had there hands full considering that we are eclectic and have a lot of ideas of our own

Thanks to

Doug and Lainie Shinn and their Contract Crew

- Justin and Kathie M

The line from the washing machine to the septic tank had a major clog in it. I was having to run the drainage out the cat door. Doug came in and fixed the clog. It was not a simple job.

It was amazing. I've had zero problems since.

It didn't hurt that my dog liked him too. He was also very reasonably priced. I was expecting to pay at least twice what he ended up charging.

- Norma Royce S